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Listed funds

Buy or sell shares/units via your online brokerage account, broker, or licensed advisor in much the same way you’d trade on the ASX.

  • Antipodes Global Investment Company is available as a Listed Investment Company (LIC) on the ASX, under ticker: APL.
  • Antipodes Global Shares (Quoted Managed Fund) is available as an active ETF on the ASX, under ticker: AGX1.

Phone 1300 010 311 or email for further information.

Managed funds

Make an online application to invest in Antipodes Global Fund – Long, Antipodes Global Fund, or Antipodes Asia Fund.


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Please contact Pinnacle Investment Management should you require any assistance: Phone 1300 010 311 or email


Buy and sell units via a broker on the ASX mFund service:

  • Antipodes Global Fund (AGP02)
  • Antipodes Global Fund – Long (AGP01)

Check if your online broker supports mFunds here.

NZ PIE funds

The Antipodes global shares and global shares long-short strategies are available to New Zealand resident investors in New Zealand via a PIE.