Social responsibility & governance

Social responsibility & governance

The governance of a company has a significant impact on its operating and financial performance.

Long term outcomes are also affected by the environmental and social issues a business may face. At Antipodes, we recognise our responsibilities in these respects to clients, shareholders and employees as well as to the community and the environment. We set high standards for ourselves, as well as for those with whom we might choose to engage.

In building ESG principles into our investment process, we’re acting for the benefit of our investors while contributing to the development of a more stable, sustainable and inclusive global economy.

We combine quantitative ESG benchmarking with a qualitative approach in assessing the behaviour of our candidate investments. We require minimum acceptable standards, peer group leadership and high levels of disclosure. If we detect areas of weakness, we may engage with the company to influence its thinking and help develop remedial actions. Should we discover wilful disregard for ESG principles, we may choose to avoid or divest.

Any company responsible for the manufacture, production or distribution of goods and services deemed harmful to human health and wellbeing are excluded from the portfolio.

Our ESG data is sourced from a variety of providers and each year we publish a review of issues that have emerged over the previous twelve months. This gives examples of both positive and negative ESG activities within our portfolio and amongst stocks under consideration.

If you’d like to know more about our Environment, Social and Governance approach, please contact us.

“We’re acting for the benefit of our investors while contributing to the development of a more stable, sustainable and inclusive global economy.”

Cleo Somers, Senior Investment Analyst

As well as holding companies to account with respect to sound ESG practices, Antipodes seeks to conduct its operations with utmost respect for the environment, to be socially minded and adhere to a robust and transparent governance framework. We believe we can pursue the dual mandate of delivering investment excellence for our clients, while demonstrating the highest standards of corporate citizenship.

Antipodes is proud to be one of the founding fund managers that have contributed to the success of Future Generation Global (ASX:FGG). This is Australia’s first internationally focused, charitable listed investment company that seeks to provide shareholders with diversified exposure to selected global fund managers while changing the lives of young Australians who are affected by mental illness. In providing fee-free investment services, Antipodes helps enable FGG to invest in selected charities that are working to address and prevent mental illness in children across Australia. FGG listed on the ASX in September 2015, is has since made close to $10 million in charitable investments.

Our work with FGG has led to a strong link with ReachOut Australia and, together with the Pinnacle Charitable Foundation, we have jointly developed a long-term partnership with the charity.

ReachOut is the country’s leading on-line, mental health organisation dedicated to young people and their parents. Established twenty years ago, it is the world’s first online service of its kind. Designed by experts, it offers practical support to young people and their parents in navigating the often traumatic path through teenage years.

The site is accessed by 132,000 Australians every month and Antipodes is enabling the charity to provide appropriate content and tools based on real-time events via a range of online support and referral services.

ReachOut Australia has also been one of the beneficiaries of the Antipodes Workplace Giving Program. All employees are encouraged to make donations to any charity of choice via pre-tax payroll deductions and the company matches employee donations and pays all associated administration costs.

To all the people who haven’t got any help, I know it can be really challenging reaching out and getting help, and it can be scary as well, but I honestly think it can change your life, and it can save you. It can really save your life. I know for me if I didn’t reach out and if I didn’t get help, I don’t know where I would be today.”

Roxy, 24 years old

Future Generation Australia