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Our three core investment strategies are available through a number of different investment vehicles. To make the application process easier, we’ve grouped the necessary documents and procedures together.

The drop-down menu below will give you access to all the information you may require to invest in any of the funds we manage.

It is a legal requirement that all investors download and read the current offer documents for the Fund before making an application. For new investors, the minimum investment for the Fund is $25,000, for existing investors it is $5,000. This fund is open to retail investors from Australia and overseas with the exception of those domiciled in the US.

Online application

Online applications are available for individuals, partnerships, SMSF’s, superannuation funds, and other regulated trusts, and companies. Applications for Unregulated Trusts, (such as family and testamentary trusts), cannot be completed online and should make use of the paper application form that is provided below.


Before making an application, please make sure you have the following information to hand.

  • An identification document – e.g. your driver’s license.
  • Your tax file number (ABN, ACN)
  • A mobile number and email address

Please be aware:

  • The minimum initial investment for each fund is $25,000
  • The minimum additional investment for each fund is $5000
  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must submit your application within Australia
  • You must read the Product Disclosure Statement for the relevant fund
  • We recommend that you speak with your financial advisor before making an investment decision


This fund is ideal for investors who already have an online brokerage account and want to take advantage of the fact that there are no set minimums for the amount you can invest.

Both the Antipodes Global Fund (AGP02) and Antipodes Global Fund – Long (AGP01) are available on the ASX mFund service which allows you to buy, hold and sell units in Antipodes managed funds through a process that is very similar to buying and selling shares.

It’s easy to buy and sell units via a broker and you can review your mFund unit-holding alongside any other direct shareholding you have.

Check if your online broker supports mFunds.

Download application form

New investors please post your original document to:

(Fund Name)
C/- RBC Investor Services Trust – Registry Operations
GPO Box 4471
Sydney NSW 2001

Existing investors may choose the option of faxing their documents to:

+61 2 8262 5492

Listed funds

Investing with Antipodes is very easy for those who have an online brokerage account. The Antipodes Global Investment Company is available as a Listed Investment Company (LIC) on the ASX. And the Antipodes Global Shares (Quoted Managed Fund) is available as an active ETF.

This means you can buy or sell shares in the Company via your broker or licensed advisor in much the same way you’d buy or sell a share on the ASX.

You can view your LIC shareholding or your Active ETF alongside any other direct shareholding you have.

Simply log into your online brokerage account and look up:

  • ASX: APL for Antipodes Global Investment Company
  • ASX: AGX1 for Antipodes Global Shares (Quoted Managed Fund)

You’ll find the transaction and submission process is very straight forward.

NZ PIE funds

The Antipodes global shares and global shares long-short strategies are available to New Zealand resident investors in New Zealand via a PIE.

A PIE is a tax effective investment option which allows the Fund to pay tax on each investors share of the Fund income at each investors prescribed investor rate, subject to a maximum of 28%.

  1. Select the fund you wish to invest in
  2. Read the PDS and complete the Application form

    Antipodes Global Fund (PIE)

    Antipodes Global Fund – Long (PIE)

  3. Provide your identity documents
  4. Submit application
  5. Separately make a secure payement to the Trustee

Alternatively, if investing in Antipodes global Fund – Long (PIE), you can now invest online